Shaping the Future: 4 Media & Entertainment Trends to Watch in 2019 and Beyond

As the digital revolution continues to reshape the industry, a number of trends in particular will drive key developments.

Digital Media Pipeline Recap: VOD Content Contracts

At EMA's 2018 Digital Media Pipeline in Los Angeles, Jason Kassin, CEO of FilmTrack, and Mike Hurst, CEO of Exactuals, sat down for a candid fireside chat to discuss how today’s content deals require modern solutions that add efficiency to the flow of royalty and residual payments.

A Comprehensive Guide to Royalty Management in the Digital Era

While VOD platforms have ushered in a wealth of opportunity for monetization, varying revenue structures have also created myriad challenges when it comes to recording, tracking, and calculating royalty payments.

Establishing a Single Source of Truth for Royalties, Participations, and Advanced Financials

There was a time when the media & entertainment industry was much simpler. But given the myriad revenue streams that exist in today’s digital world, businesses no longer have the advantage of depending solely on spreadsheets or legacy accounting systems to manage the workload.

How Finance & Legal Teams Benefit from Using FilmTrack

Systems of the past were not designed to handle the challenges surrounding VOD contracts and the resulting flow of revenue distribution. With FilmTrack, media & entertainment businesses can navigate the shifting digital landscape with ease.

Blockchain Technology and the Future of Intellectual Property Management

The media and entertainment industry is facing a number of challenges to its decades-old business model. This is because traditional legacy systems were not built with the speed and flexibility needed to support today’s dynamic on-demand culture.

MESA 2018 Spring Journal: 5 Benefits of a Single Source of Truth

In today’s fast-paced world, having multiple incongruent systems results in excessive manual data entry, double keying, and reconciliation issues. As digitalization continues to redefine the M&E space, investing in a single source of truth is no longer optional –– it’s mandatory.

Why Move to the Cloud? 4 Security Benefits to Consider

Given the explosive growth of digital content, more and more businesses are migrating to the cloud to manage increasingly complex content management and distribution processes.

Modernizing the Enterprise for the Digital Era [FREE eBook]

In recent years, the media and entertainment industry has seen an unprecedented growth in both content creation and distribution methods. However, many systems of the past were not built with the speed and flexibility needed to support today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.

Commit to the Cloud: 6 Key Traits to Look for in a SaaS-Based Rights Management Vendor (Part II)

As digitalization continues to revolutionize the M&E industry, more and more businesses are shifting to cloud-based rights management software to streamline the complex intellectual property management process.

Commit to the Cloud: 5 Reasons M&E Businesses Should Choose SaaS for Rights Management (Part I)

More and more M&E businesses are turning to cloud-based technologies to help keep pace with the ever-evolving industry landscape.

A Shift in Star Power: Goodbye Silver Screen, Hello Small Screen

In recent years, more and more Hollywood heavyweights have made the shift from the silver screen to the small screen. What started this migration? And will the trend continue? Or will it implode? We sat down with our CEO, Jason Kassin, to get his take.

Content Rights Management: 3 Ways Blockchain Technology is Disrupting the Media and Entertainment Industry

With digitalization rapidly changing the way content is created and delivered, M&E businesses need to be able to safely manage their intellectual property. This is where blockchain comes into play.

4 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Be Without Rights Management Software in 2018

Due to the various nuances associated with VOD license agreements, relying solely on legacy systems and spreadsheets to track rights and availabilities is not enough.

4 Ways Contract Management Software Can Transform Business Operations

Here are four ways a cloud-based contract management system such as FilmTrack can improve efficiency across the entire business ecosystem.

How the Media & Entertainment Industry Uses Rights Reporting Software to Maximize Results

Learn how film and television studios, distributors, and production houses use our rights reporting software to maximize efficiency across the entire content lifecycle.

Measure What Matters: Assessing the Financial Health of Rights Management Vendors [Download]

Every business-vendor relationship comes with potential risks –– but not all risks are created equal.

Why TV Networks Should Care About Snapchat Shows (and 3 Brands Who Are Doing It Right)

Let’s face it: digital storytelling can no longer be ignored. Here’s how 3 brands are reimagining TV for today’s mobile era.

5 Steps to Get Prepared for the New Revenue Recognition Standard [Download]

The December 15, 2018 deadline for the new revenue recognition standard is quickly approaching. How will it affect your current model?

The Business of SVOD: Navigating the Complexities of Digital Distribution

With SVOD deals moving at a quicker pace than anything previously seen in the industry, M&E businesses need to adapt their approach in order to better monetize content and improve ROI.

Is Your System Safe? The Role of Human Error in Cybersecurity Mistakes

As disruptive technologies continue to transform the M&E sector, vetting the viability of third-party vendors is an absolute necessity.

The Future of Now: Adapting to a Culture of Convenience

In today’s dynamic landscape, it’s more vital than ever to have a 360-degree view of your rights in order to maximize the value of your content.