Bob Pfannkuch Board Member

About Bob

Bob has been in the field of video communications since 1963 when he founded Audio Video Industries. In 1974, he organized a videocassette duplication division for the Bell & Howell Company, which grew into one of the world’s largest movie duplicators and distributors. In May 1988, The Rank Organization PLC purchased BHCP and renamed the unit “Rank Video Services America” (Now known as Deluxe Video Services). Bob served as Chairman and CEO of Deluxe Video Services until June 1990 and as a consultant for both international and domestic electronic and media companies from June 1990 until May 1996. In 1996, Bob joined Panasonic Disc Services as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Bob was co-head of electronic content delivery activities for Thomson/Technicolor from 2002 through September 2006. In that capacity, he evaluated all of the technologies and companies involved in the rapidly growing electronic content delivery space. In September 2006, he established Tele-future Partners as a consulting company, providing services for both content owners and telecommunication carriers. He currently sits on the board of several small technology companies, along with Baker and Taylor, the largest physical media distribution company in the United States, and CD SA the content delivery and storage association.