Media & Entertainment

Film and Television Studios

As the Media and Entertainment industry continues to evolve, film and television studios are seeking the most efficient and scalable ways to manage and monetize content. Global film and TV studios leverage FilmTrack’s integrated solutions across the entire intellectual property value chain for:

  • Capturing critical metadata
  • Accessing availabilities and acquisition details
  • Automating contract administration
  • Facilitating deal management
  • Creating invoices
  • Storing and accessing rich-media files


Immediate and accurate access to title availabilities is pivotal to the success of global content distributors. With today’s numerous content distribution channels, global distribution teams require faster and more efficient ways to access accurate financial and contractual information. With FilmTrack, distributors have real-time access to critical information including:

  • Rights-in and rights-out information
  • Underlying rights restrictions
  • Sales availability
  • Revenue recognition
  • Royalty reporting
  • Financial tracking down to the episode-level


As media continues to rapidly transition from analog to digital, production houses are looking for efficient tools to manage this new terrain. FilmTrack enables production companies to effectively navigate the new business paradigms and streamline workflows including:

  • Accessing title metadata
  • Providing visibility into title release schedules
  • Accessing materials servicing information
  • Tracking inventory
  • Quality control
  • Accounting workflows