See what our industry-leading solution has to offer:

Access Mission-Critical Data – Anytime, Anywhere

Generate Dynamic Reports

Quickly run customizable availability reports from any device. Filter by territory, rights, formats, languages, and more.

Sell More, Close Faster

Identify each and every revenue opportunity with ease. Our platform provides sales teams with all the necessary information to confidently close deals.

Never Miss an Important Deadline

Stay one step ahead on important contract administration deadlines. Our built-in calendar sends automated reminders,
triggers, and alerts.

Manage and Monetize Your Intellectual Property

Financial Automation, Complete Visibility

Eliminate time-consuming tasks once and for all. FilmTrack is built to maximize accuracy, increase productivity, and reduce risk.

Accurate Royalty Reporting

Always know what you owe and who owes you. Create invoices, issue payments, assign allocations, recognize revenue, and run financial reporting.

A Centralized Transactional Hub

Securely store sensitive financial data in the cloud. From royalties and recoupment costs to gross receipts and minimum guarantees, our platform is the most reliable solution on the market.

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