One platform to rule them all:
Content, Contracts, Rights, & Royalties.

Our SaaS solution increases revenue, enhances productivity, optimizes workflows.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time access & visibility to mission critical data — anytime, anywhere
  • Extensive analytics and reporting tools facilitate smart decisions
  • Flexible solution suite designed to meet specific business needs
  • High ROI
  • Single source of truth
  • Industry flexibility
  • Numerous partner integrations
  • OData Restful APIs
  • Power your B2B or B2C Websites

Meet our Integrated Solution Suite

Rights Manager

Provides a powerful, real-time view of all contractual data, including detailed rights-in and rights-out information, enabling teams to easily identify and fully exploit every revenue opportunity.

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StarCM Content Manager

Stores over 500 critical metadata fields and powers FilmTrack’s integrated solution suite ensuring data integrity is maintained through every stage of the content lifecycle – from inception to distribution.

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Royalties Manager

A comprehensive system for defining, receiving, validating, processing, and invoicing all royalties. Our system supports the classification of nearly an unlimited set of royalty definitions – all associated with and validated by your contracts.

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BizAffairs Contract Manager

Manages production, underlying rights and other non-distribution based contracts and creates documents based upon business requirements with a ‘one-click’ document creation tool.

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InvenTrack Inventory Manager

Provides unparalleled visibility into the location, status and technical attributes of all project-related assets and automates production workflow processes.

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Extranet Delivery Manager

Powers real-time, cloud-based distribution of digital assets — regardless of file size, type or delivery distance — with Aspera’s high-speed transfer technology.

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FilmTrack Music

Cloud-enabled music asset and metadata management system designed for the creative production community. Our platform is sleek, user-friendly, and powerful.

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"Real time data is easily provided in the same expeditious manner that has become the standard in our local offices.  No longer does our regional staff have to wait until early evening or the middle of the night to make phone calls in the hopes of finding someone to provide simple answers."

Director, Major Professional Sports League

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