Partner Portal Digital Asset & Metadata Ingestion

With Aspera-enabled upload speeds, FilmTrack’s Partner Portal enables quick ingestion of assets and metadata to provide an end-to-end ingestion and workflow tool. No more physical transfers of hard drives across large distances.


 Partner Portal is part of our Integrated Solution Suite

Rapid metadata and dynamic asset ingestion

  • Quickly and effectively load data into StarCM’s central repository
  • Enhanced document mapping
  • Enhanced security features and permission-based access
  • Aspera-enabled ingestion portal
  • Eliminate the need to deliver physical hard drives

Product Sheet

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Key Benefits

  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Maintain existing data structure
  • Ingest large digital assets at high speeds and with utmost security
  • Customize access to secured files

"The Partner Portal took us out of the Dark Ages and helped us scale our business in a more modern way."

Sr. Exec, Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

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