Extranet Delivery Manager

Extranet Asset Management and Delivery solution is a self-servicing, cloud-based digital vault that provides real-time access to rich-media files and eliminates the labor-intensive manual collateral distribution process.

Extranet Delivery Manager is part of our Integrated Solution Suite

Seamless and Fast, from Ingestion to Delivery

  • Central repository stores and backs up digital assets and related collateral
  • Aspera FASP(™) technology powers high-speed transfers of large media files
  • Permission-based password protected digital vault
  • Built-in security features ensure critical assets are never compromised

Product Sheet

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Key Benefits

  • Self-service tool eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual asset distribution process
  • Servicing costs decreased and customer service improved
  • Easy access to library marketing materials

“The majority of our clients are international, and they seek immediate media fulfillment of our TV series, regardless of the time zone differences between our locations. It is because of FilmTrack and Aspera’s integrated platform that we are able to meet their needs.”

Germaine Putz Director, Technical Services, Saban Brands

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