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Rights Management

All you need to know about FilmTrack’s rights management solution


Avails Contract Manager

Best-in-class contract and rights management

Managing your assets and contracts with spreadsheets or legacy systems maybe hiding potential revenue

All it takes is a missed keystroke or a buggy legacy system to cost you thousands of dollars.

Why Choose FilmTrack

Our Contract and Rights Management solution helps you monetize your titles and increase revenue by providing instant access to real-time information on acquisitions, sales, and availability details.


No matter how big or small your operation is, media and entertainmentcompanies are facing the challenge of keeping up in a digital first economy.Technology is moving at the speed of light, warping business models and marketdemands. Media and entertainment companies choose FilmTrack to maximizetheir content, minimize licensing risks, capture royalty statements, and gaintrusted insight into financial data. Sit back and relax. We’ve got you covered.

Clay Epstein - President - Film Mode

“You confidently know that all your information is
easily accessible and everyone in your organization is
on the same page.”

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