Client Stories

  • “FilmTrack gives us the tools and ability to maximize the exposure of our content which results in revenue. The efficiency and reliability of the software is the backbone of our infrastructure which is crucial to effectively do our job.”

    Clay Epstein President
    Film Mode
  • “While FilmTrack is an invaluable tool for our business on a day-to-day basis, it’s during film markets that FilmTrack’s technology provides us with an unparalleled competitive edge. The ability to generate real-time availability reports enables us to uncover sales opportunities and close deals faster – two fundamental components for a successful market. ”

    Jay Joyce VP Worldwide Sales
    Artist View Entertainment
  • “From rights management to metadata to asset management to powering our website, FilmTrack allows our staff to function smoothly and effectively no matter where they are located.”

    Burgess Wilson COO
    Inception Media Group
  • “FilmTrack helped streamline our operations and business affairs by consolidating our IP and organizing it in a way that is concise and efficient.”

    Brian Beckmann, CFO,
    Arclight Films International Pty Ltd
  • “The key differentiator with FilmTrack is the team’s knowledge of the film industry and the fact that we speak the same language.”

    Michelle Sheard Information Manager
    Screen Australia
  • “The majority of our clients are international, and they seek immediate media fulfillment of our TV series, regardless of the time zone differences between our locations. It is because of FilmTrack and Aspera’s integrated platform that we are able to meet their needs.”

    Germaine Putz Director, Technical Services,
    Saban Brands

What Others are Saying About Us

  • "Real time data is easily provided in the same expeditious manner that has become the standard in our local offices.  No longer does our regional staff have to wait until early evening or the middle of the night to make phone calls in the hopes of finding someone to provide simple answers."

    Major Professional Sports League
  • "The Partner Portal took us out of the Dark Ages and helped us scale our business in a more modern way."

    Sr. Exec,
    Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company
  • "FilmTrack Music allows me near unlimited flexibility, collaboration, and has saved our projects on numerous occasions."

    Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company
  • “FilmTrack has provided a tool that is easily utilized by our sales group and customers to access data and media without increasing the reliance on our internal infrastructure and resources.”

    Vice President,
    Medium Enterprise Hospitality Company
  • “Without FilmTrack we would not be able to maintain our rights-in, rights-out and any critical contractual data efficiently. The Avails application allows us to identify, assess and review acquisition and distribution agreements to determine and confirm rights we control in real-time. We can then provide comprehensive up-to-the-minute avail windows for our sales teams worldwide and anyone in our company can access our data anytime, anywhere.”

    Records Manager,
    Small Business Media & Entertainment Company
  • “FilmTrack is a primary resource for all of our contract administration and project detail needs.”

    Business Professional,
    Small Business Media & Entertainment Company
  • “As a sales agent, FilmTrack streamlined my distribution model.”

    Vice President,
    Small Business Media & Entertainment Company
  • “FilmTrack allows everyone in the organization to be on the same page.”

    Senior Executive,
    Small Business Media & Entertainment Company
  • “The most valuable part of FilmTrack for us is the Avails system and the way it helps manage our large library across dozens of worldwide territories. It makes it easy to check availabilities of our product in just a few minutes.”

    Small Business Media & Entertainment Company
  • “Filmtrack has allowed us to generate reports on the fly with different queries right out-of-the-box.”

    Business Project Manager,
    Small Business Media & Entertainment Company
  • “FilmTrack’s centralized cloud based interface made it easier for our team and customer base to obtain information in a timely fashion.”

    Senior Executive,
    Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company
  • “FilmTrack has helped to centralize data and we are able to get a quick snapshot of each project efficiently.”

    Logistics Manager,
    Small Business Media & Entertainment Company
  • “Film Track allowed us to organize all our assets in a central location including manufacturing materials, marketing assets, trailers and artwork. Our organization has cut out email communication regarding approved assets and minimized errors related inaccurate information.”

    Marketing Professional,
    Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company
  • “The FilmTrack suite of applications has streamlined our distribution operations and increased the monetization of our content significantly in the past 5 years since the introduction of the application to our company.”

    Business Project Manager,
    Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

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