FilmTrack Music

FilmTrack Music’s cloud-based software manages, hosts, and updates all of your licensed library music. By helping your team increase productivity and efficiency, FilmTrack Music will save you valuable time and money. With an ever-growing database of over 130 distributors of production music and SFX, our library represents over 4 million compositions and sound recordings. If we don’t host a specific library, FilmTrack Music can easily ingest it on your behalf.

All your music, all in one place

  • Search-driven Database
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Organized Playlists and streamlined Cue Sheets
  • Over 4 million compositions and sound recordings
  • Ingests, hosts, and maintains music assets
  • Internal and external licensing

"FilmTrack Music allows me near unlimited flexibility, collaboration, and has saved our projects on numerous occasions."

Editor, Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

    Key Benefits

  • FilmTrack Music aggregates all your approved vendors in one place
  • Streamlined Cue Sheets
  • APIs offer unlimited scalability and extensibility
  • Manage, host, and update all of your licensed library music in one place