AVAILS Rights Manager

AVAILS Contracts and Rights Management solution provides a powerful, real-time view of contractual data, including rights-in and rights-out information. AVAILS enables global sales teams to clearly identify and exploit each and every revenue opportunity.

AVAILS securely stores sensitive financial data such as royalties, gross receipts, and minimum guarantees, making it quick and easy to track critical documents.

AVAILS Rights Manager is part of our Integrated Solution Suite

Accurate Information Anytime

  • Real-time availability reports accessible on any device

  • Full contract administration in easy-to-organize entry screens

  • Configurable sales acquisition tracking

  • Customizable reporting features 150+ rights and availability reports

  • Data integrity powered by StarCM

  • Extensive sales history tracking

  • Extensive and configurable availability tracking

  • Automated contract generation with custom contract templates

Key Benefits

  • Enables end-users across geographically dispersed locations to quickly and easily access data anytime and from anywhere

  • Eliminates need for redundant systems and tools

  • End-to-end management of projects across every point in the content lifecycle

  • Flexible, adaptable, and configurable solution built for your business needs

  • Supplies metadata and assets for development of websites, portals and dashboards